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Emergency power supply of the future development of the market space where?

    Currently, EPS as construction engineering equipment and materials in the field of family members, since the advent of the society began its performance, functionality, innovation and condescending to get developed and prosperous place at the right conditions. All the way to be in full swing the emerging industries nationwide. Experienced a single flower Fang "to a hundred schools of thought contend, flourishing, Huobian north and south, the Great Wall and the Yellow River up and down after entering an unprecedented fierce competition period and precarious, difficult period of development of the lowest valley. Expanding market demand for space, the future of the development of the market has little hope strange phenomenon.

    The one hand, the experts and scholars interested in unlimited, on the other hand is miserable or cause producers in the face of a price war. Despite the many new developers with full confidence, and constantly new competitors rushed into the the wind smoke billowing EPS market hesitate to team development and production of EPS continues to expand, increasing product brand replacement successive, but do not to everyone firewood flame effect. Instead, EPS industry market growing skin soft, illegal products, false indicators, unfair competition intensified, product quality and price swamped.

    Developers, manufacturers, vendors and customers as God are not the normal state of mind to confront the EPS industry history, current status, and future, a scientific point of view can not get to grips with the quality and price of the product. The dialectical relationship between the cost can not be a correct understanding of the quality and life. Credibility. Position in the market and the market of the future and destiny of the necessary connection.

    EPS production and sales as a source of riches, or feel EPS Offers difficult to grasp, or blindly optimistic about the prospects for the development of EPS, or pessimistic about the future of the EPS was ...

    EPS, the story behind? Why are they popular? Why premature aging? Future? To recognize these problems is to in-depth understanding of its historical background, the real state and future needs to seriously study the performance, functionality, market demand particularity.

    The founding of the past few decades, construction engineering, emergency lighting always follow the tradition comes with battery lamps, repeated investment. The repair work is difficult. The fatal flaw of the short life has always been plagued by the majority of users. Market much-needed and long-standing calls for new emergency lighting products.

    EPS of the first generation of products is in this historical context in 1992 was born in Dalian, then the mission is to replace traditional electric storage-type emergency lights, called "dual-use emergency power box before loading in three The high-rise buildings. The product is just one out to reduce engineering investment, highlighting the advantages of easy maintenance and long life, undoubtedly better than the traditional type comes with battery lamps disk from the construction market for decades. Therefore, at the national standard, Fire lax management, social nobody cares about the historical background, the very vitality of "one single flower Fang" five or six years.

    1995 "dual-use emergency power box access to national utility model patents, and has been applied in many building projects in Dalian, welcomed by the users. Praise and favor, becoming the nemesis comes with battery type emergency lighting. In 1997, the increasingly strong market performance of "dual-use emergency power box, fire management intervention mandatory management" dual-use emergency power box enterprise standards identified by the National Fire Electronic Product Inspection Center, fire department issued permit the production, sale and use of the certificate.

    The market is further popularity. There have been similar products in Shandong and Beijing after the advent of the Industry Standard of the Ministry of Public Security began to get involved in the emergency power supply. To October 2000, the Ministry of Public Security, the national standard "GB17945-2000" on the one hand to improve the traditional product comes with the standard of battery lamps, on the other hand for the first time introduced a centralized control and centralized supply emergency power standards extremely effective guide or triggered interest in the part of the manufacturer of the centralized supply emergency power, coupled with the successful performance of the original old developer Dalian Biao, Qingdao innovation systems and Beijing Huasheng strengthen the race to develop the momentum of the emergency power supply, only one or two years' time they formed a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend the pattern.

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