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Lithium battery electric car charging time method correctly Detailed

More and more use of lithium batteries on simple models of electric bicycles that distinction of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries in which lithium batteries properly charged, the lithium battery charge for the first time and need to pay attention to what?
Lithium electric car battery proper use
    Lithium battery correct use of the method is actually boils down to about 3:00:
    1, activation of the lithium battery electric vehicles do not need a special method in electric vehicle lithium battery will naturally activate. If you deliberately spreading the use of the three previous 12-hour long activation charge "method, then it will not lead anywhere, no effect.
    2, when the process of moving electric cars lithium battery power is low when prompted, should as soon as possible in a timely manner to the lithium battery charging. (Here strongly do not recommend the fast-charging stations, super damage the battery. Market run out of battery recharge and battery charge for a long time saying not all right, it also depends on the type of battery, "as far as possible the electric car battery run out of power, the best practices used instead of petrol Road "is only used in the nickel batteries, the purpose of course is to avoid battery memory effect.)
    3, in accordance with the standards of the time and procedures for charging, even before the three to do so; (especially not more than 12 hours of super-long charge)
Error using the method of lithium ion electric vehicle batteries
    Blindly pursue 12 hours long charging and lithium battery used in automatic practice of no electricity, they are wrong. If you previously is wrong to say do you promptly corrected.
Lithium battery routine maintenance to save
    Lithium primary battery self-discharge is very low, generally three years can be saved and stored in refrigerated conditions, the effect will be better. Lithium primary batteries stored in cold places, after all, is a good method. Lithium-ion batteries can be stored at 20 ℃ more than six months, this is due to its very low self-discharge rate, but most of the capacity can be restored. Lithium batteries self-discharge phenomenon, if the battery voltage is below 3.6V stored for long periods, can cause excessive battery discharge and damage the internal structure of the battery, reducing battery life.
    The long-term preservation of the lithium battery should therefore once every 3 to 6 months fill power, i.e. charged to a voltage of 3.8 ~ 3.9V (lithium optimal storage voltage of 3.85V) is appropriate, not filled. Lithium battery application temperature range is very wide, in the northern winter outdoor, you can still use, but the capacity will be much lower, the capacity can be restored if you return to the room temperature conditions, subject to a certain temperature impact. Lithium primary batteries, lithium-ion battery, it can not be charged, the charge is very dangerous. Other considerations, quite a lithium-ion battery.