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What are the precautions for charging the battery car on the battery car charging pile on rainy days?
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Electric vehicles can be said to be a very common means of transportation, and they are also the best choice for everyone to choose. But now everyone basically lives on the floor, so the charging of electric vehicles has suddenly become a problem. What about outdoor charging?

What happens when electric cars are charged outdoors in the rain?

Electric vehicles can also be charged outdoors when it rains, but you must ensure that the charging port and plug-in board cannot be exposed to rain. When you look closely at the charging port, you will find that it is recessed and there is an insulating sealing ring around it. If rainwater enters, it can be drained from the small hole at the bottom. If the water does not pass through the charging port, there is no danger.

What are the precautions for electric vehicle charging?

1. Do not charge in a closed environment. The charger will heat up when charging. If you choose to charge in a very confined environment, overheating may cause short-circuit burning.

2. Do not carry the charger at any time. Some people put the charger in the basket of the electric car to facilitate charging. The long-term turbulence of the car causes the power unit to be unsoldered and burns during work. It is recommended not to carry the charger with the car.

3. The charging time cannot be too long. In order to avoid the battery charging time is too long, you can buy a timer, set the countdown to 6-8 hours, very easy to use.